Michelangelo Private Collection

Sculpture Exhibition at 101 Collins Street, Melbourne

The Artisans of Florence International proudly presents a collection of ten Michelangelo sculptures available for private sale in Melbourne. For the first time in Australia, seven of the re-created artworks are on display exclusively at 101 Collins Street until 10 August.

Magnificent works of art in their own right, these re-created sculptures were made for exhibition in museums and galleries around the world. With permission from Casa Buonarroti (Michelangelo Museum) in Florence, the sculptures were made using rare 19th Century casts that Professor Andrea Chiesi (former Director and Chief Curator) of the Gipsoteca Nazionale di Firenze created from the originals.

Where: 101 Collins Street, Melbourne
When: Extended until Friday 10 August 2018
Times: Monday to Friday, 7am – 7pm
Entry: FREE

Expression of interest

Visitors are invited to marvel at the evocative beauty and technical excellence for which Michelangelo became known as the greatest Renaissance artist, and without the crowds. Seven of the sculptures are presented in the elegant, marble-tiled foyer of the iconic 101 Collins Street skyscraper.

In 2012 the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence, with the support of Casa Buonarroti (Michelangelo Museum), commissioned the works for two special Michelangelo exhibitions at Taipei National Museum of History and Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art in Taiwan. The current collection of Michelangelo sculptures for private sale originally formed part of the Michelangelo The Divine travelling exhibition that has been touring South East Asia and the USA since 2013. 

Artisans of Florence International are seeking expressions of interest from private art collectors or reputable businesses who understand the significant value and prestige of owning such unique works of art.

Contact us today for further information regarding this extraordinary opportunity.

Cheryl Elliott
Exhibitions / Sales Coordinator
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